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Jon Johnson

Principal CSM | Advisor to CS Insider

💼 UserTesting

Results-driven, hyper-focused strategic manager with over a decade of experience leading enterprise and global brands and teams in a scaling SaaS environment. Trending “up and to the right” in the world of high-growth stage tech firms, I thrive in fast-paced, innovative environments looking to scale quickly. I am as driven by people and genuine relationships as by the technology that connects us. I am known for being highly empathetic and adept at forging trusted relationships in both client-facing contexts and with internal teams.

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Brandon Cestrone

Sr. CSM & Founder of CS Insider

💼 Funnel Leasing

Brandon likes to talk about food and sometimes CS.

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Erika Villarreal

Principal CSM

💼 Eptura

Erika Villarreal is a Customer Success enthusiast, curious by nature, and a process addict. She has been in the tech industry for the last 8 years and is happiest when she is able to translate customer data into actionable insights that help improve customer experience and drive success. Erika is very involved with the CS community, where she helps other professionals succeed in their roles on LinkedIn, in her own newsletter, and through CS blogs.

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Rachel Provan

Founder and CEO

💼 Provan Success, LLC

Rachel Provan is the Founder and Leadership Coach of Provan Success. Rachel lives in Brooklyn with her husband, two little boys, and a very strange dog.

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Kinda Nehlawi

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Brett Matthews

Manager, Customer Success

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Ashna Patel

Principal CSM, Key Accounts

Ashna Patel is an award-winning Customer Success Leader with over a decade of experience. She combines emotional intelligence with data-driven insights to help teams and customers succeed. Co-Founder and host at CS Insider & CS Raving Fan bookclub, she also offers coaching in career development and customer success. Actively involved in the Customer Success community, Ashna welcomes connections for a virtual coffee or a simple hello.

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Sana Farooq

Senior Director, Customer Success Enablement and Customer Education

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Guy Galon

VP Customer Success

💼 Obrela

Guy is a multi-disciplined Customer Success executive advisor with 22 years of experience. Guy is passionate about customer management and driving people (customers, direct reports, friends, and colleagues) to success. Guy is also a mentor, lecturer, novelist and amateur athlete.

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Kevin Leonor

Senior Enterprise CSM

💼 Greenhouse Software

Customer Success Career Coach at Direksyon CS Coaching. 3x Top 100 Customer Success Strategist by SuccessHacker. Co-author of the Breaking Into CS series at CS Insider

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Guy Rahamim



Guy Rahamim is an Enterprise Customer Success Manager and one of the founding leads of CS Insider. Guy never misses a chance to meet someone new, offer help, or come up with memes to brighten your day.

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Jim Jones

Head of Customer Success


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Angelika Marek

Manger, CS

💼 Mimecast

Angelika is a Digital CSM at Bazaarvoice with a huge passion for digital-led CS and delivering successful client outcomes at scale. She's also a CS mentor helping aspiring CS professionals break into tech, money educator, and an avid learner of the Italian language.

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Dan Ennis

Manager, Scale CS

Dan is a seasoned Customer Success professional with a decade of experience working with customers of all sizes. With 3+ years' experience leading teams, Dan is currently focused on Scale CS. He's been recognized by and SuccessHacker as a top CS leader.

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Laurie Vickers

Laurie Vickers is a Senior Customer Success Manager with experience ranging from roles with early-stage startups to established tech companies. With a background in hospitality, Laurie understands what it takes to pivot to a new career and is passionate about her personal journey to Customer Success

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Julie Raeder

Customer Success Coach

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Brian Nicholls

Brian Nicholls is the Vice President of Customer Success and Revenue Operations at RoadSync. He is one of the lucky ones that turned his passion into a career.

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Russell Bourne


💼 The Success League

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Sumitra Narayanan

Associate Director of Customer Success

With over 7 years of experience in Customer Success and Solutions Engineering, Sumitra loves leading Customer Success teams. She is a Founding Contributor at CS Insider.

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Deepali Jagota

Sr. CSM - Cornerstone OnDemand

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Noah Little

Enterprise CSM of EMEA

💼 Recharge

Noah is a Key Account Manager of at Recharge Payments. A Customer Success Coach for Best Practicer and Customer Success Mentor.

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Fouad Adel

Enterprise CSM

💼 Superside

A Customer Success enthusiast with a goal to make the Customer Success job searching a little bit easier for everyone.

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Nadav Shem-Tov

Founder & CEO

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Amber Monroe

Head of Enterprise Strategy

💼 Paradigm Senior Services

Amber is an experienced Customer Success leader and consultant and has worked closely with many organizations in the healthcare technology industry to build and scale customer success departments from the ground up.

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Rebecca Israel

Senior CSM

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Vinny Conti

💼 Customer Success Specialist


Vinny is a SR. CSM in the health care industry and the Social Media Contributor for CS Insider. He helps specifically with CSI to promote and market influential articles from fellow contributors who are making an impact and being of value to others who are looking to pivot or grow in CS. Big advocate to those breaking into CS. He enjoys meeting new people and building relationships. You can find him out and about doing anything outdoors. An avid sports fan, foodie, beach and concertgoer.

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Amarachi Ogueji


As a CSM and a proud CS Insider's Report team member, I'm also passionate about helping others succeed in customer success. I enjoy connecting with people who want to break into the industry, and I love sharing the strategies I used to make my own breakthrough. I have been recognized as a leading Customer Success professional by both SuccessHacker and SmartKarrot. When I'm not focused on Customer Success, you might find me moving to the rhythm of Afrobeat music, discovering new and exciting places, or contributing my time and efforts to a non-profit organization that supports menstrual hygiene

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Christina Vasylyk


💼 Awesomic

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Jean-Pierre Frost


💼 CS Insider

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Jan Young

CCO, Coach, Principal Consultant

💼 JanYoungCX

Jan Young is the Founder & CCO at JanYoungCX. Jan offers coaching and courses, and leads the weekly SuccessHour, co-sponsored by CS Insider and JanYoungCX. When not obsessing over CS and Customer Led Growth, she hikes and plays Pickleball in Los Angeles with her husband and two cats.

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Stijn Smet

Team Lead Customer Success

💼 Whale

Stijn Smet, known as Stino, has been in Customer Success for over Six years. His approach to his customers, team, and life in general is a combination of professionalism and personality. Aside from providing top-notch knowledge about the Real Housewives, he strives to be everyone's best cheerleader in life and at work. He loves to give his take about experiencing your firsts as a CSM

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Jared Orr


💼 Sharp Brand

Jared got his first CSM job July 2018 and hasn't looked back. He is the founder of the Customer Success Whisperer Blog and is currently involved in multiple CS-related groups and initiatives. When he's not doing all of that, he enjoys family time, trail running, weight training, cooking, and traveling.

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Rohan Tailor

Principal Consultant

💼 ABR Talent

Customer Success content contributor at CS Insider | Customer Success, Sales and Client Management obsessed recruiter for the SaaS and Technology sectors.

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Eric Kingsbury

fFounder and CEO

Retain Solutions

Eric Kingsbury is the founder and CEO of Retain Solutions, a Customer Success Enablement consulting firm that helps companies build onboarding and ongoing education programs that allow CS organizations to scale and thrive. Prior to that, Eric spent a decade in CS, helping scale teams from 10 to 100+ at four different hypergrowth SaaS companies.

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Dana Alvarenga

VP of Customer Experience

💼 SlapFive

Dana Alvarenga has over 18 years experience in the technology industry within sales, sales training, management, customer education and success. At SlapFive she is the VP of Customer Experience and leads the Customer Success function, along with Education, VOC, and Advocacy.

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Klaas Schippers


💼 Linnworks

Enthusiastic Certified CSM Level 4. Former Teacher. Father of two. Has a Welsh Cardigan Corgi to keep him company in his home office :)

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Allison Toth

The Law Office of Stephen Vertucci LLC

💼 Legal (Client) Assistant

Dog mom & plant mom indulging in the typical Colorado lifestyle & enjoying lots of hiking & skiing. Allison is looking to land her first role in Customer Success from a very non-traditional background – and is eager to bring her love of customers & numerous years of experience in client-facing roles to help her customers succeed. Allison's end goal is to work in ClimateTech or SustainabilityTech.

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Katrina Kugelmeier


💼 Whale

In-between daily German lessons, sauna rounds, and in-person networking in Berlin I work on up-skilling for CS while looking for my first CS role at a start-up. Right now ChatGPT is my thing I am most curious about (especially when it comes to CS) along with exploring the CS landscape in Europe.

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Maryann Lazzeri

Sr. Technical Account Manager

💼 Salesforce

Maryann Lazzeri has 10+ years in the education and customer success industry. After moving to the Chicago area from her home in NYC, she founded her own education company and implemented their CS program from scratch. She recently was the Salesforce Customer Success Team Lead at Attain Partners, managing a team of 10 and bringing her expertise, energy, and fun to every meeting. She has co-founded a book club for Jan Young's Office Hours group, where she helps facilitate and plan the meetings. In her spare time, she enjoys talking about cooking and/or food, is a workout fanatic, and loves spending time with her family, traveling the globe, and meeting new people.

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Arjun Menon

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Cole Geitner

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Olivia Kot

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Tanya Nayyer

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Saahil Karkera

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Jared Orr & Kenneth Sinensky

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