How to Onboard Yourself and Take Flight in Your New CS Role

Learn how to impress your manager and make an impact in your first 30-60-90 days as a new Customer Success Manager.

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Your first 90 days at a new company are critical. You’re not only trying to learn as much as possible but also make an impact.

Most companies have a dedicated HR department that will help you along this journey, but what if you’re joining a startup that doesn't have one?

Or what if your manager is too busy to help you onboard well?

We’ve all been there. No matter what onboarding is awaiting you, this guide will walk you through what to do in your first 90 days as a frontline CSM and make sure you WOW your manager and make an impact.

Getting Ready for Day 1

Pre Day 1: ✔️ Making a strong first impression before you even start.

Settling Into Your New Role

Day(s) 1-30: 🕵️ Getting to know your team, business, and customers.

Taking Your First Accounts

Days 31-60: 🤝 Building trust and providing value from the get-go.  

Deep Dive Into the Details

Days 61-90: 🧠 Getting analytical and nerdy with it.