Six Email Templates to Help You Land a Job in CS

Use these email templates you can use stand out among applicants. Designed to impress the interviewer/hiring manager and help you land the job!

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About this Resource

Standing out among applicants can be a challenge. If your resume is the same as thousands of others, you will be seen as the same as thousands of others. You need to find ways to stand out and differentiate yourself. You can do this with your CV, cover letter, and resume, but you can also do it by sending an email to the hiring authority. This resource will give you some unique, professional email templates that you can use throughout the job application process.

What Email Templates are Included?

  • Application Follow Up
  • Interview Thank You
  • Interview Follow-up
  • Interview Follow-up - No Response
  • Rejection Follow-up
  • Acceptance Thank You

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How to Get Started

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