CS Insider Report #14

CS Insider Report #14

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Report #14 Rundown

  • What's Trending: Conversations, news, and resources that matter for CSPs
  • Thought Piece: Middle of the Road Joy by Jon Johnson
  • Community Spotlight: CSM Mastermind: Best Practices for Customer Success Etiquette
  • Dear Insider: An advice column for when work gets tough and answers don't come easy.


🪃 How many career paths are there in Customer Success? Rachel Provan shares her thoughts. Hint, there’s a lot.

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🔑 3 Keys to Breaking into Customer Success - Chris Jones shows how to follow, engage, and learn your way into CS


🆘 Diana De Jesus explains why it’s important to ask for help. And why most of us SUCK at doing it.

😣 Do you feel like you belong in the room alongside executives? Jeff Breunsbach thinks you should.

🪜 How to Step into Customer Success Leadership with Marija S.Pilley and Morika Georgieva

🤝🏽 CSM Mastermind: Best Practices for Customer Success Etiquette - Watch four leaders talk about how to beef up your social skills.


👎🏻 Ed Powers thinks NPS is on its way out. What will replace it? Find out.

How can companies start the flywheel around “best practices”? Nick Mehta starts the conversation with his six ideas.

📈 New 2.0 magazine: Customer-Led Growth - Nuffsaid has released volume 02 of their highly anticipated magazine.

🏃🏻‍♀️Best Practices for a Successful Sales to Customer Success Handoff - Jan Young from The Success League lays out best practices for a smooth transition.

🎙️ Putting Your Best Foot Forward in Customer Onboarding - Deepak Kumar and Rocketlane discuss why implementation projects fail and what to do about it.


📰 Onboard.io joins the Y Combinator.

🎉 Rocketlane celebrates its Series A.


Middle of the Road to Joy

Promoters and Detractors get all the good stuff. The webinars, the Executive Sponsors, the branded content. Everything. Buuuuutttt…… the combo of those two buckets only make up for roughly 45% of all customers. Less than half of your recurring revenue.

So what? You might ask yourself. Well, the “what” equals upwards of 55% of your recurring revenue.

So WHAT are you doing about them?

Traditional CS starts with building promoters out of happy customers. Happy customers equal more happy customers, right? Yes. That’s right.

Next, they bucket their detractors. “How do I save them?” and “let me look at my playbook”. Yes, the goal is to get them into the “promoter” bucket, but that doesn’t happen overnight.

What about “meh?”

“Neutral”. I’m talking about the customers in the middle. While there are exceptions, most shops don’t focus on them or, at least they are way, way, WAY at the bottom of the “sh*t I have to do today” list for CSM’s. They sit in the middle, yet on the fringe.

We talk about health scores all the time, we don’t see strategies for the folks stuck in the middle.

A different way to segment

We segment by region, employee size, market segment, business type and a whole host of others. I want to see segmentation by health. A theory, for sure. But, some CSM’s are better “theoretical firefighters” than others. Some thrive with healthy customers. Some excel at expansion. And still others love the challenge of a fight.

I’d like to see CS teams set KPI’s for graduating health scores. Not just Detractor to Promotor. More granular. But, that means we need to focus on the WHOLE score. 1 point at a time.

- Jon Johnson


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