CS Insider Report #15

CS Insider Report #15

Here's what's happening across the Customer Success community! Crafted with 💜 by CS Insider for CSPs.

Report #15 Rundown

  • What's Trending: Conversations, news, and resources that matter for CSPs
  • Community Spotlight: Kenneth Sinensky, Enterprise Customer Success Associate at Glia and Editor at CS Insider
  • Dear Insider: An anonymous advice column for your most pressing career questions and concerns.

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Tech Tools

  • 123 Apps - Sometimes, you just need a quick audio/video trim or edit. Edit, convert and create with 123 Apps. One of the simplest sites for editing tasks.
  • Krisp.ai - Cut out distracting background noise and echo during your online meetings and training with the power of AI.

What’s your name and background?

I started my career in the non-profit space, but broke into CS just last year with the help of SV Academy & Gainsight’s CSYou program. I’m an Enterprise Customer Success Associate (CSA) at Glia where I help financial institutions shape their Digital Customer Service strategy. I’m a shameless CS nerd and therefore edit CS Insider articles for fun.

What advice would you give to someone trying to break into CS?

Embrace the ambiguity. CS has so many different facets and every organization has a different look and feel depending on the product, size, customer base, etc. Embrace it, find what areas interest you, reach out to people and learn about their experiences and leverage your own past experience, because it probably DOES apply to CS!

What’s an underrated CS skill?

Promoter (literally). Customer Success Professionals have the ability to make their customers and points of contact shine within their organizations and enable them to stand out as a result of their partnership with you and your team!

Are you:

  • dealing with angry customers?
  • struggling with lack of guidance?
  • managing a tough book of business?
  • struggling to find an answer to your questions?

We get it. Being a CSM is difficult.

If you have a question you'd like answered, a story to tell, or just need to vent, submit your anonymous questions and expert Kristi Faltorusso will answer them in this advice column.

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