CS Insider Report #13

CS Insider Report #13

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The Juice

Does this place even have a Bat Phone?

The difference between the C-Suite and a VP is their vision. How far out they are looking. C’s are regularly stuck in “1-2 years out” and more. Strategy. Revenue. Revenue and strategy. Strategy to build more revenue, you get it.

Below them, VP’s, Directors, Managers, etc all start to pull in that view, focusing on shorter goals. Passing all the way down to the entry level CSM who are focusing on next month's renewals and today’s health scores.

So, it's weird that those same CSM’s are spending so much time talking to the C-Suite, yeah?

The entry level, junior CSM is sitting on zoom meetings all around the country and hashing out strategy with the C-suite. Feeding the CEO’s strategy for growth. Identifying KPI’s for the CRO as they look to the current customer base for current and future revenue.

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

I don’t know many professions where as an entry level worker you get to sit in a room with a C-level and are generally expected to provide value. Not sales, not marketing. Ops. IT. Nothing.

We are seeing a renaissance. The traditional CSM will grow into a powerhouse of an executive. They’ve spent their entire career proving value day after day. Tying value to product releases. To expansion efforts. To product adoption. All of it. Tying it all back to value.

How d’you like me now?

This is our favorite thing right now. As the prominence of CS is elevating, we are seeing an industry desperate for an “upscale” event. LinkedIn even tagged “Customer Success Manager” as a trending job over the last few years. Salaries are rising. Focus in growing.

Buckle up kids. It’s gonna be a wild ride. Better grab your nearest CEO and jump on in! The revenue is fantastic down here.

  • Dealing with angry customers?
  • Struggling with a lack of process and guidance?
  • Managing an overwhelming book of business?
  • Interested in taking the leap into management but don't know where to start?

We get it. Being a CSM can be difficult.

If you have a burning question that needs answering, a story you want to get off your chest, or just need to vent a little, we're here to listen and help.

Submit your questions anonymously and expert Kristi Faltorusso from Keeping CS Simple will answer them in a future email!

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The report was made with the help of Brandon Cestrone and Jon Johnson.

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